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How We Became 2 BOY'S

Our story began when Chris Kielbratowski arrived in Halifax after escaping Poland during WWII. Here he met his wife Betty and together they had six children who all worked with Chris and Betty on their family farm in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia.

Chris would travel around the community and sell his meats and pepperoni off the back of his truck. In time, his pepperoni and meat grew so popular he decided to open up a shop (Chris Brothers) in Cole Harbour. His youngest son Rick took full ownership of 2 Boy's Smokehouse & Deli after the family decided to sell the Chris Brothers name back in 2008.

Our shop still has the original wood smokehouse that we use to make our famous pepperoni. We pride ourselves in our family operation. You will find Rick and his wife Patty along with Chris' grandchildren working in store today.

We can't wait for you to come try our product as each customer is treated as family and we continue to focus on creating the best experience for everyone inside the store!

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Rob Mailman
Rob Mailman
Mar 12, 2023

I remember Chris Brothers, and remember hearing they sold it. One man in there said he was part of the 'family' and been with them for decades, at least I thought. Is he a butcher that stayed on or part owner. Not sure.


I bought 3 lbs of what you call Lunenburg Pudding from you. How do I prepare this for consumption? I tried microwaving it and it melted into a puddle on the plate, and it tastes disgusting.

Jul 23, 2023
Replying to

I’ve only heard that it’s best to fry it or eat it like it is

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